How to give online

You may give online easy on our website by usingor if you want to manage your giving through the church center website you may do that using the church center button below.

Give via the Church Center App

The Church Center app is a valuable tool for members of CrossWay Community Church, designed to enrich your involvement and enhance your spiritual growth within our community. By downloading this app, you can conveniently access a calendar of church events, register for upcoming activities, and stay updated with all that’s happening at CrossWay. Whether it’s a Bible study, a volunteer opportunity, or our annual family retreat, you’ll have all the details you need right on your mobile device.

Moreover, the Church Center app makes managing your tithes and offerings seamless and secure. With just a few taps, you can set up recurring donations or make a one-time gift, directly supporting CrossWay’s missions and ministries. The app also provides access to recorded sermons and spiritual resources, allowing you to connect with our teachings on your schedule. Embracing these features will not only keep you connected but also foster your spiritual journey, making the Church Center app an indispensable part of your daily life as a member of CrossWay Community Church.

Mobile app stores

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Important Information for 2024

Beginning in January of 2024, CrossWay will begin using another giving platform called Church Center by Planning Center. We kindly ask that you download the Church Center App by Planning Center in order to begin giving in 2024. While the Church Center app is not required to give online, as we will also be implementing a giving form here on the website for Church Center’s online giving for your convenience, we do highly recommend that you do download the app as this will be where you will go for updates, events, signups, sermons, finding groups and more.

Below is the legacy giving that will be sunsetting by May 2024. We will continue to provide this service through the tax season for easy access to your online giving history and management. This online giving service is provided by Elexio Giving.